Zpikes has been a big client for us and we have delivered a lot of different services for them.

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Jul 2021
Various Services
Overall company growth


ZpikesTape is a start-up selling a product that offers natural pain relief for their clients. The product was brand new to the market when we first started working with them. We have assisted them with various services, including: Paid advertising, content creation, branding, web design etc.


Most recent work

Now recently we worked with Zpikes to create some new studio videos for a 3 step video funnel they are launching.

YouTube ad we filmed.
Video 1/3 of the 3 step video series. For the two next ones checkout Zpikes.no

What we have done

When we started working with Zpikes they were a startup. Therefore we helped them with various digital marketing services.

What we focused on was facebook ads and the advertising and content creation part of digital marketing.

Over a 3 month period we were able to turn about $50k into $150k which was very good results based on the fact that it was a brand new product on the market.

We also created a lot of content for their ads, a lot of native ads. Aswell as a lot of photography, checkout some of the photos at the bottom.

We also created a lot of content for them. However we are going to limit what we showcase, to our two biggest productions.

"This is Zpikes" Main story film sharing the founders story about how the product came to be.
Launch video for big launches in new markets.

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