Looking for a more one on one approach to learing?


We will condense months worth of information into hour long sessions that will provide you with a personal gameplan, giving you all the knowledge and tools you need to implement what you learn.

Looking for a more one on one approach to learning? Whether that is learning paid ads, content creation, funnel creation, web development or anything related to our business you will be receiving personal coaching specified and tailored to your needs.
You will have the coaching with either Alexander or Kristoffer, over Zoom or meeting up in person.
1 / 3 — We always need to understand our clients business and need before we work with them to achieve the success we know we can deliver.
2 / 3 — Building out a custom tailored marketing strategy for their Facebook campaigns is something we truly love to do because we get to be so creative and figure out exactly what the client needs.
3 / 3 — Delivering the rapport is always so exciting because we get to see the clients reaction and continue our journey with them.

In person

You are ready to learn and want to take it all the way, our in person coaching allows you to meet us personally and let us help you really understand what we are teaching you. To see what your needs are and what you seek to learn or know we hop on a discovery call to get to know you better - that way we can custom tailor the best solution for you! Book your call now, it's free! 

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Over Zoom

You want coaching with us, but travelling to Norway for a coaching session might be a bit expensive for you. That why we offer coaching sessions over Zoom. We figure out your need though our free discovery call and then we can come back to you with a custom tailored plan for the Zoom meeting and how long time we need to make sure you really grasp what we teach you!
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