Step 1. Onboarding

Our first step of our 6 step process is getting you onboard the ship! Here we will step up all accounts and other necessary steps. This is your first step towards setting up this process to increase your revenue while you work on your business.


Step 2. Exploration Session

Next up, before we can set up all the campaigns we need to understand your vision, values and business to create campaigns that can represent your brand in the best way possible. That’s where our exploration session comes in. A meeting where we get to know each other better.


Step 3. Marketing Strategies

After we had the discovery session we will develop a marketing strategy tailor-made for you and your business, to achieve the best results possible. After we have developed the strategy we will confirm it with you before we start the campaigns.


Step 4. Develop & Deliver

When the strategy have been developed and confirmed with you guys, we will develop and run all the campaigns. This is where you finally start to see an increasing in your revenue!


Step 5. Optimization

Our next step is optimization, this is where we take a deep dive into the ads after they have ran for about a month and find ways to increase the ROAS. This is a very exiting step, because now we find ways to help you make even more money.


Step 6. Rapport

Finally we have the rapport, every month we put together a rapport based on all the results we have delivered and what we have done to keep you informed and up to date. As well as informing you about all upcoming changes.


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