In July of 2018 Alexander Naglestad founded SAN Media Solution, where Kristoffer Johnsrud joined in on the agency a months later.

Today Alexander and Kristoffer run SAN Media Solution togheter, a digital marketing agency were we seek to help the business owners and entrepreneurs that don't have the time or expertise with digital marketing to help them increase their revenue with all the possibilities that comes with online advertising.

What makes SAN Media Solution different from a lot of the other marketing agency's out there is our passion. We LOVE what we do and that leads us into spending all of our time on our clients and we are always continuing to learn. In this business that is super important because there is always changes and updates, therefore when we are always learning new stuff we are able to provide our clients with the best results on the market! 

Meet The Team

Alexander Naglestad
CEO, Founder
Kristoffer Johnsrud

Our Values


Business Growth

Marketing Expertise

How We Work

Grabbing the consumer’s attention isn’t enough; you have to keep that attention for at least a few seconds. This is where your benefits come into play.

Step 1. Onboarding

Our first step of our 6 step process is getting you onboard the ship! Here we will step up all accounts and other necessary steps. This is your first step towards setting up this process to increase your revenue while you work on your business.


Step 2. Exploration Session

Next up, before we can set up all the campaigns we need to understand your vision, values and business to create campaigns that can represent your brand in the best way possible. That’s where our exploration session comes in. A meeting where we get to know each other better.


Step 3. Marketing Strategies

After we had the discovery session we will develop a marketing strategy tailor-made for you and your business, to achieve the best results possible. After we have developed the strategy we will confirm it with you before we start the campaigns.


Step 4. Develop & Deliver

When the strategy have been developed and confirmed with you guys, we will develop and run all the campaigns. This is where you finally start to see an increasing in your revenue!

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Clients About Us


Young Professionals

The term “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” may have been invented with these guys in mind! It is an absolute joy to work with someone this driven, this enthusiastic and this skilled. As a combination, it is absolutely mind-boggling, especially in someone so young. I thoroughly recommend these young professionals. The moment bookies start taking bets on the likelihood of these guys becoming business tycoons one day, I’m in!

Ina Von Turow - FNDR App

I highly recommend SAN Media Solution.

“I worked with several web designers and marketing specialists before I met Alexander and Kristoffer from San Media Solution. Yet I experienced challenges with commitment and communication while designing my business website or scheduling marketing activities. San Media Solution helped me remove this obstacle by taking 100% ownership in the tasks, implementing all the details of the website, always being responsive and proactive with the tasks. I saw San Media Solution experience growth with the growth of my digital marketing assets. I appreciate every second they put into the work. I highly recommend San Media Solution."

Neo ross - top performance institute

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