Nordvik is a Norwegian real estate company that we helped create a video for. They were selling a home up in Holmenkollen, Norway and we created a walkthrough video of the home. You can see the video to the right.

FNDR has been a client of ours for a couple of months now and we have helped them lots with content creation, web design and paid traffic. They have a very interesting startup idea and we are helping them reach their goals and providing custom solutions to help them get to where they want to be.

Top Performance Institute is a coaching business that help leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners master their life. We built out a website for them and have done some content creation work for them as well.

ZpikesTape is a startup from Drøbak, Norway and have a very interesting idea! We helped them with lots of content creation, like photoshoots, tutorial videos, graphic design etc. We are now also working on developing sales funnels for their product launch.

Human Behavior Specialist, Effective Leadership and Management Expert.

Neo Ross is considered one of the most talented European business performance & success coaches under 30. The website he uses today is created by us.