Today Iwant to show you a little trick I use to help me create better Facebook Ads!This is a trick I learnt from one of my online mentors Amir Salim, so shutoutto you Amir.

Well,when you create ads how do you go about doing that? Do you just create the adbased on what you believe works the best or do you have a strategy behind whatyou do? It's very important to always have a plan behind your ads.

So howcan you do that you may ask? Well, now I am going to show you a way you canlook at your competitors ads in an ethical and legal way!

Picassoonce said "Good artist create, great artist steal" and that isexactly what this is about, not that you are going to copy what yourcompetitors are doing, but you can see what is working for them and then basedon what you learn from that research you can create ads that you know isworking and the market will respond to. This trick will save you lots of moneyand time from creating ads that doesn't work.

So now,how do you actually use this trick? It's actually really easy! On everyFacebook page there is a menu called "info and ads" and that is whereyou will find it. I have added some pictures to help you find it:)

Once youclick "info and ads" you will see all the ads the company is runningat this time, you will also get some information about the page, but that isn'tthe most important part. What you really want to focus on is analyzing theirads and see how they structure their ads and what creatives they are using etc.

Now youknow how to analyze your competitors ads and get inspiration from them to helpyou create your ads. I hope this little trick will help you create moreprofitable ads and save some money and time!

Have agreat day!


Alex,Founder - SAN Media Solution