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We are a passionate digital marketing and content creation agency.

We developed a passion for the industry early on, and have continued developing our skills ever since.

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Who is SAN Media?

SAN Media Solution, was founded by Alexander Naglestad in 2019. We are a digital marketing agency that offer paid traffic and content creation services. We chose to focus on these two services because they go hand in hand in advertising, as a result of that we know what content creates conversions and how to create that content.

Digital marketing and content creation is a forever changing industry, with new updates and changes coming constantly. That's why being engaged and passionate about what we do is an important part of our company.
We always strive to optimize and stay up to date on the changes in the industry to be able to provide our clients with the best results possible.
Our clients is the reason we are able to work with what we love every day, for that reason they are naturally our highest priority.


The core values behind our company

Business growth

For both our company and our clients, business growth is the main focus. We always focus on the growth, and choosing the most effective strategies for optimal growth.


We value honesty. From our side, but also from our clients. Saying things like they are, and not trying to spin the truth to avoid a conflict will let us both reach the goal faster and more efficiently.


Everything we do, we do for a reason.
Our focus is always based on reaching our clients goals in the most efficient way possible. We always try to avoid spending time on tasks that dosen't get us closer to the goal.


Passion is one of our most important values, because that's what our company is built on. Our passion for the work we do and the industry we work in. We believe our passion for what we do is one of the reasons clients choose us.

Past Clients

What our clients say about us

Read some of our client testimonials.

"Thaaank you for the great job you did with everyone. Everyone has given you a lot of good feeback and said you had an amazing mood the entire day."

Thomas korsgaard
Ceo at Korsgaard holding

"I remember when we started working with Alex, it was the 26th of June 2019, because the first day we put $60 in advertising and made $600 back. He has a talent in understanding what sells online and that is one of the key reasons we where able to turn $50k into $150k that following August, on a cold market. So he is definitely a guy you can take advise from."

Marius Enerhaugen
Ceo at ZPikes AS
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